Carton Flow Rack

Used and New Carton Flow Rack in Arizona

C&S Warehouse Equipment has been selling Carton Flow Rack for over 30 years and supplying Arizona for over 15.

Carton Flow Racks separate picking and stocking tasks into different aisles. Full cartons and split cases stored here save up to 75 percent of labor costs compared to a static storage solution. Inclined wheel and roller platforms mean goods are deposited at one end, sliding safely and gradually via gravity to the picking aisle.

Get in-stock visibility, so pick aisles are kept stocked and replenishment can be done simultaneously. First-in/First-out (FIFO) box flows minimize shelf times.

Carton Flow Racking Systems set the industry standard for quality construction, performance, valuable versatility and efficiency. This storage system is ideal for a wide range of sectors from warehouses storing mass consumer goods to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, computer components and more. Whether it’s a single-bay or a multilevel pick module spanning an entire warehouse, our carton flow system is consistently the industry choice.

Carton Flow is a versatile option for many different industries. It is easily adjustable, flexible in it’s configurations, and a cost saver. Contact us today for a free quote!

New Brands We Sell:

United Material Handling

Check out our “Used Equipment” section for pictures of our always changing stock. Inquire today to find out what sizes we have available. No matter new or used, you won’t be disappointed with our carton flow rack. Combine it with our shelving and AutoCAD expertise to maximize your space.

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